The Future Echoes Showcase festival is an annual festival that takes place in Norrköping, Sweden. It showcases the latest and best in music, art, and culture from the region. The event brings together a variety of artists and performers from Sweden and beyond, offering a unique cultural experience. The event is organized by the Municipality of Norrköping and takes place over four days in the summertime. During the festival, attendees can enjoy a variety of music, art, and culture-related activities. There are live performances, workshops, and talks from local and international artists and experts in the field of music and art. Additionally, the festival offers cultural and educational activities, such as exhibitions and talks, to promote a better understanding of the local culture. The Future Echoes Showcase festival also offers a great opportunity to network with professionals in the music and art industries, as well as to explore the vibrant city of Norrköping.

Dance Plant Records is looking forward to be a part of the Music Biz Conference

Future Echoes | Sweden’s showcase festival