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Our Company And Everything You Need To Know About It

Our Story

Dance Plant Records Inc./CMC was founded in 1986 by two crazy guys who loved the music business. Today it has established itself as one of Canada’s most prestigious independent labels with its’ Head Office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. From their original roots in the dance field, the company has diversified its’ catalogue into a wider range of products, particularly for the International Market place which include rock, pop, new age, instrumental, country, MOR, Rap/Hip Hop, Electronica, Relaxation, Dance, EDM. Dance Plant promotion department covers all aspects of promotions including T.V., Radio, Record Pools, trade magazines etc…

Company Profile

Through its in-house production team at Dance Plant Records Studio, the company releases a minimum of 5-10 full length cd’s along with artists from all segments of the music industry. Dance Plants extensive catalogue has deals in U.S.A, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, Holland, France and Italy.

Cussy Nicodemo


Mr. C. Nicodemo (cussy to all who know him), president and founder of the company is a member of  M.C.P.S., SOCAN, ADISQ, and CMRRA.
Cussy recorded his first album at the age of 16. This multi-talented musician/songwriter recieved two « gold » records for selling over 100,000 units of « la vita » & « disco kings » in 1975-1976 on the Aquarius and K-tel label while the leader of the fussy cussy band.  Cussy also had various releases with BMG and SONY.  Today, cussy continues to produce, write and  record various styles of music as well as producing other artists.

Sossie Khatcherian

CEO Dance Plant Records / Cussy Music Publishing

Sossie Khatcherian (CEO- Dance Plant Records Inc) is a modest music industry professional with hands on experience in various sectors. Her morning routine commences managing the day-to-day operations of the business, until one of her artists’ calls with a new song. She then jumps into overdrive to liaise with the numerous distributors across the globe. Driven by a desire to master the complete 360 process of the music industry, she’s produced and edited music videos, collaborated with publishers on a global level, arranged recording, producing and publishing contracts with numerous artists, and booked the various venues for the videos. She’s negotiated contracts, worth well over six figures, with the major labels (Sony, Warner & Universal) to acquire the best deal for all stakeholders. Sossie is a proficient networker that can be found interacting with key players at music conventions (Midem, Music Biz, Mondo NYC, CMW etc.). And on that odd moment when she isn’t on the phone, she’s busy marketing her artists on Spotify, iTunes and other digital mediums.

Michael Nicodemo

Director of A&R

Director of A & R, Michael was also the manager of Fussy Cussy from 1974 to 1985. He also worked for 5 years at CKEY Radio in Toronto as well as working at CFCF-TV  Montreal for 5 years.

Dance plant records continues to record new artists and diversify its growing catalogue.

Dance Blitz ‘96

2 CD Box Set
SOLD OVER 42,000 units
(30 tracks)

Euro Club Mix CD Dance Compilation

SOLD OVER 14,000 units
(12 tracks)

Dance Blitz ‘97

2 CD Box Set
SOLD OVER 20,000 units
(32 tracks)

Club Mix '99

bonus CD containing 8 tracks complementing Club Mix ’99
SOLD OVER 200,000 units

Dance Blitz ‘98

2 CD Box Set
SOLD OVER 12,000 units
(32 tracks)

Pure Nature

4 CD Box Set

DJ MIX ‘99

Bonus CD Compilation
SOLD OVER 150,000 units
(13 tracks)

Various Cover Versions For Compilations:

Mission Impossible

Appearing On The Club Mix ‘90’s
SOLD OVER 100,000 units

Mission Impossible

Appearing On The Club Mix ‘98
SOLD OVER 800,000 units


Appearing On The Club Mix ‘90’s
SOLD OVER 100,000 units

Dance plant records continues to record new artists and diversify its growing catalogue.