Baggio, singer/songwriter, talented performer, began his career in 1982 when he first recorded various pop-dance tunes such as, “Driving me Wild” & “Heartbreak” at the Montreal Sound Studio with the renowned dance group, Fussy Cussy. Baggio followed this up with cutting three more songs with the group, TIDUS and recorded “Can’t you Realize” in collaboration with Johnny Hagopian & Michel Lesperance.

With the co-operation of Fussy Cussy, Vince Marion and Pierre Gaughtier, Baggio recorded his title track “Action”.

In the spring of ’95, Dance Plant Records Inc. released Baggio’s self-titled mini album composed of two sweet ballads titled, “My Everything”, “Through The Colour of your Eyes” as well as the pop-dance titles, “Breaking My Heart” and “Stay In My Life”, written by Baggio and produced and arranged by Saby Buccella.

In 1996, Baggio was invited to participate in the singers contest at “The Golden Stag Festival” in Romania. Amongst those performing at this extravagant festival were “Tom Jones”, “Coolio”, “Soul 2 Soul” and “La Bouche”. Baggio had been doing numerous radio interviews and receiving extensive air play for the beautiful ballad titled, “My Everything”. This brought the impetus; the song was licensed and released in various countries around the world.



Color of your eyes

by Baggio | Without Your Love





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