Ouragan Matt Jacquier – OMJ



Formerly known as the creative force leading Canadian alternative rock phenomenon Sidharta, Ouragan Matt Jacquier is an adventure by himself, a story that never ends. His natural ability to serve up a surrealist dose of reality with seductive melodies and catchy hooks is one of the many ingredients that make his music so easy to share. After dedicating to touring with Sidharta for years, Ouragan was ready to start another chapter of his story. He has worked with Emmanuel Ory (formerly Noir Désir) to expand his European activities and decided to become a solo artist. Recently, Ouragan has laid down tracks with multiplatinum producer F. Bornemann (Guano Apes, Eloy) as well as Canadian producers Steve Durand (Melissa auf der Mauer) and Jordon Zadorozny (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Blinker The Star) who have produced new material for him. In 2017, Ouragan signed a production deal with An Even Wilder Company, and in early 2018 a publishing agreement with Montreal-based Danceplant Records. Ouragan is about to publish his new EP “OMJ” in 2018. Now is the time to hit the stage. With solid team backing and a crystal clear vision, Ouragan is ready to shake the ground once again!




Expressing his art through music is a true revelation for Ouragan. The stage is where he belongs… and so the story of Sidharta begins in 2004. The band gets noticed by manager Joris Baas (formerly Arcade/Wagram Music) and starts performing on various stages in Europe. Later, Dani Oliva (Courtney Love, The Distillers) manages the Band and they sign with Addictive Records/Universal. Released in September 2007, their EP “Rendez-vous” will hit highs never anticipated by their own label… stores run out of copies after hitting the number 3 spot in Canadian stores HVM. The digital world isn’t spared: Sidharta quickly hits the top of Maple Music charts (Universal Music). The band toured their critically acclaimed album internationally (USA, Canada, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany) and got to hit rocks charts in Canada, supported by a growing fanbase. After a year of promoting and touring, Sidharta goes on the road again, this time to conquer Europe. 28 shows later, Ouragan Jacquier is proud to say that he has expanded his fan base to western Europe (Italy, France, Germany and Belgium). Their EP “Rendez-Vous” is downloaded more than 13000 times over a 4-month period.






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